Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Paris Baguette

Ohaiyoooooo everybodyyyy!

So, we headed to Paris Baguette the other day because I'm so in love with their cakes. (Dont even get me started on the super lousy ion-basement Japanese crepe. Jesus lord that thang is so bad I can't even....

So after finding us a table (it is always duper duper hard to get a table at Paris Baguette during meal and tea times just simply because they don't have enough tables and that its really dumb to not charge service charge at a place that overcharges every single thing just simply because you're too damn cheapo to hire people to show others to the seats. 
Everytime I head to Paris Baguette I ALWAYS had something to say about their stupid shit service. I really don't know how to use proper english that doesn't classify as vulgarity on their service. Maybe dreaming is one. For starters, the tables are ALWAYS super dirty. You see, for a diner that sells everything with flour, you would think that they would at least have some common sense to clean their table hurridly right? I mean c'mon, you always have at least 2-3 people who only wipes the tables and 10 inside the glass cabinets and let's face it. You have at most 30 tables in the entire floor space, MAX. So it's not unreasonable to expect the tables to be clean right? Side joke, recently they hired this really unfortunate looking "table cleaner". I'm calling her table cleaner because I've seen her twice recently (probably hired in recent months because I didn't see her before that) and twice she looks like the annoying smart-ass from school that thinks she's too good for this job. So on this particular day we visited, our table was REALLY REALLY horribly dirty with crumbs and oil everywhere. So seeing that the place is so super freaking dirty, we were fine in asking the waitresses nicely "smile, please, thank you, pleading etc". The first time she stared at us and said "you cannot wait is it". And when we asked the second time, she literally DRAGS herself when she wipes and gives you the most annoyingly-frustrating (i refuse to insert hokkien vulgarity) face/expression ever.
Okay so we let that slide.

So bad services aside (I've come to terms with their bad services because really, they aren't adding on to their outrageous price w outrageous non-existent service charge, so oh-well, I'm starting to let go their staffs always standing behind these famed glass panels and dreaming. You would know immediately what I mean by dreaming the moment you drop by because really, ALL their staff does that), I love their food.

So at the top you would see the garlic baguette. I think they call it korean garlic or some long-ass names along that line but I prefer to simply call it garlic bread. I really do love this one. The first time I got it, I bought it home and eat it over 2 breakfast (the third morning). And at that time my place did not even have a microwave so I had it cold and sorta stale but it was still freaking ass awesome.

So we decided what to get fairly quickly. And we waited for our food.

This is the number tag that the waitresses are supposed to bring over to you. But...... I'll get to that later.

I wanted to say that the waiting time is reasonable but it was not. AT ALL. I think we waited like 30min before we got a little quick snack because we were already starving.

The bacon whatever. This is really good, and I remember I really do like it. The only problem is that this is really cold from staying in airconditioning all day so yeah.

Right. As I was saying we were waiting and waiting and waiting. So after we finished our bread, we were still waiting.

When the food finally came, it was when we went to ask because it was just taking too damn long. Turns out our food was sitting at the counter all along and nobody took it over (they are supposed to bring it to you).

Aiya but like I've said, I've gotten over their (lack of) service so yeah BACK TO THE FOOD!

THIS IS HOLY BEJUSUZZZ THE BEST FREAKING BURGER EVER. There are two burgers that look exactly the same and I can't really remember the exact name for this burger but it's one of the homemade burgers WITH ONION RINGS (I believe the other on has no onion rings). I love everything about the burger other than the fact that its huge and I feel like the ultimate pig for finishing it. The patty is juicy and succulent and the sauce. OH THE SAUCE. It's so tangy and savoury to JUST THE RIGHT TASTE and combine it with the onion rings slapped on top? I'm having a sensual eruption just thinking of the burger right now. This cost $17 which is a tad expensive for a burger but hey! Everything is expensive here! *rolls eyes*

Bf ordered the Briole. His verdict: The egg is so creamy it tastes super good initially, but gets too damn jelat because it becomes TOO creamy.

I thought it's alright, didn't want to even touch the salami because bf picked out ALL the salami claiming it tastes so weird it doesn't even taste like food.

Anyhoooooooo, Paris Baguette has fantabulous bread and not so fantastic pudding. ($4 for soft serve MacDonald's icecream is NOT worth it) So if you're craving for some "clean-tasting" bread and can tolerate shit service? PARIS BAGUETTE IS PERFECT FOR YOU!


435 Orchard Road
#02-48/53 Wisma Atria
Tel: 68362010


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