Monday, January 28, 2013

Morning traffic

There really isn’t anything to blog about these days.
But ohwell, since I promised myself I shall blog no matter what, I shall do it.
For starters, I’ve finally started on my internship and OH GOD HOW I HATE IT.
Let me make myself clear though. I do not hate working. I just hate the part from when I open my eyes to the time in which I reach the office.
I absolutely hate waking up so goddamn early every morning! And even though I don’t stay particular far from the pickup point, (I stay in JW and pickup point is at JE), my bus that takes me from the house to the Boon lay mrt station is a god-damned 25min ride. And every day, without fail, I hit the red light on EVERY.GOD.DAMN.FUCKING.REDLIGHT.
And if that wasn’t enough, the bus lovesssss to come altogether at the same bloody time before forcing you to wait for 20min for the next bus. So naturally, since every single company in the country pretty much starts work at approximately the same time (8am to 830am), there will definitely be a major clusterfuck at to get onto the bus. It gets so bad, I decide to walk to the mrt station every morning. Yeap, it has to be THAT intolerable to get me to bloody exercise, so I guess that’s the only perk of having a stupid bus ride. Oh oh oh! Did I not mention that because my bus has to go into the interchange, ALLLLLLLLLLLLL the buses carrying all the people rushing to work will have a major clusterfuck at the junction before turning in? YEAP THAT’S RIGHT. I WOULD RATHER WALK TO THE INTERCHANGE.
As if taking the bus in the morning wasn’t bad enough, you have to fight your way through all the people who loveeeeeeeeees to jam up the walkway either TEXTING, CALLING, or just being completely blind to totally ignore the stream of people that they road hog. So once again, I have to ask this question. WHY ARE THERE NO LEFT LANE FOR INCONSIDERATE PEOPLE LIKE THAT? WHY ONLY CARS GOT LEFT LANE? There should be a left lane to tell people, “hey! Morning y’all! I see all of you are in a fucking rush so don’t let me block your way and make your already terrible morning a completely miserable piece of shit.”
Okay, so assuming you have already battled your way through the crowd. The next stage would be the MRT station. Sounds simple right? Tap your card, go up escalator, walk into the end of the train, wait for the train, do everything as fast as you can so you won’t hog up the road.
It is as if every morning, there is bound to be some genius who can’t seem to be able to follow simple instructions like that. There’s either people walking as if they are strolling in the park, or people who can’t decide if they want to get on the train and all the while standing right in front of TWO (that’s right, not one, TWO BLOODY ONES) entrance and pretend that nobody is busy.
Yay you. I hope your boss likes that attitude too.
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Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Back home.

Finally got back from Taiwan. In fact, it has been a good one week (6 days )since I got back from Taiwan.
And it sucks.
It totally sucks. It’s so horrible I want to just hop on to a plane and fly back Taiwan. I remember crying for 3-4 nights in a row and still tearing up whenever I think about life in Taiwan; and I remembered that when I flew there, I only cried once, and only after a good 1 month.
I must sound like a goddamn ungrateful bitch don’t I? Don’t get me wrong, I don’t hate home. In fact, I love home and I love my family and I really do miss them utterly. I just don’t get worked up unless I am talking to them.
I really really do miss staying with boyfriend and friends, especially Derp. We used to see each other in our every waking moment and hang out with each other all the time. Watching stupid shows and criticizing them; watching great funny shows and lamenting the end of each episode; and him trying to find things to do whenever I'm reading my beloved Kindle. I miss playing Wendy and Oreo together with him the most.
I remember the first 3 days after we got back. I couldn’t even talk to him properly because I just felt so detached. It’s as if my body was back at home but my soul was left behind and my mind is berating myself for doing so. Whatever it was, it really took a toll on our relationship.
I'm just glad we got passed that stage.
Still not used to Singapore’s weather but hey, this is my home and I guess I do have to get used to it.
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