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Friday, April 26, 2013

A week of Waffles Part 2

Helloooo dollllls!

As you would have realized by now, is now permanently down and I'm still trying to get it up, web hoster hasn't been replying me.

Anyhooooos, my blog is going to be removed from the domain and will now shift to because I will now require the domain for bigger things!!

I know I haven't been updating and I'm not trying to find excuses to discount my laziness but I've been so tired from work (in the office in the day) and work (at home in my room doing more work) I really haven't found the energy to blog.

Things are going better these days I supposed, so much so I've actually been gaining weight (I'd like to think that it's because I'm working hard and not because I'm leading such sedatary lifestyle and overeating excessively everyday. Yes I used bad English, I feel the need to emphasize the magnitude of my overeating).

Shall update soon with more more reviews!!! Not that I'm actually any good with any reviews but hey! that's just my opinion haha. I mean, in real life, who REALLY cares about texture blah blah blah. NICE AND WORTH IT OR NOT MORE IMPORTANT RIGHT.
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Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Jones the Grocer

Oh hello everybody!!!

I've been so freaking busy these days I haven't got any time to update anything really.

Busy with the shop, busy with work; so busy I've only got time to read 2 measly book this week.

Well let's get started, we headed to Jones the Grocer about a month ago, the one at Dempsy hill and I'm just going to come right out and say...... I HATED THIS PLACE. With a really really thunderous passion.
Okay first of all, we cabbed over because as we all know, Dempsy is a discriminating place to people who doesn't drive. Well if after this review you would still like to try Jones you can always head to the one located at Ion, which I really don't think would be any better judging from the fact that this place has zero redeeming quality.

Jones only has a few tables up for reservations so you just have to queue. I'm fine with most of the places that does not offer reservations because they want to keep their tables open for walk-ins which is fair, depending on which side are you standing on. Now, the thing is, usually those places that do not offer reservation service, are places that are in accessible locations (by that I mean easily accessible by trains, i.e at malls etc) that gives your customers a choice as to whether they want to wait or head to other places or take a number and walk around, whatever. My point is that you DO NOT say you do not accept reservations when your location is some obscure location where customers are not given a choice as to whether they want to head to another place. But in this case, we are told to try our luck when heading down because apparently service personnel who is handling the phone calls are unable to estimate the amount of time we might have to wait. No estimation, just try your luck.

But, because I've heard SO MUCH good things about Jones and I was SO HUNGRY, I had to go down and try it.
So after a treacheous journey, we finally got to Jones. The staff working there basically deem us to be poor and lowly beings and thus are rude and condescending to us. BUT, because we are generally kind and patient people who happens to be really small in build, we forgive them. I mean I actually did, for a moment because I'm like " I  REALLY HAVE TO EAT THIS SHIT".

So we wait.


And wait somemore.
When there is finally a table outside, so we just had to take it, arboh you want to wait EVEN LONGER?


I really don't think my disgust could be captured in this photo.
First of all, the moment I sat down, all I could see was the dirty utensilS (YES PLURAL) and all that I could feel is the wobbly table. I mean yeah I could always ask for a change of utensil that's not really a huge deal but if your entire table is filled with really dirty utensils you really shouldn't bother since the rest of the utensils are as dirty. Ok to give them credit, bf didn't think its THAT dirty and that normal human beings wouldn't exactly be threatened by it. I don't know, I was really appalled. I mean they could call themselves 'grocer' but their price isn't exactly hawker fare, I would expect cleaner utensils.

So we ordered. And the person taking our orders just brought the word 'condescending' to another level. Didn't smile, looked at us as if we couldn't afford this meal, and giving the air of 'I don't give no shit about you because you ain't an expat'. It wouldn't even be half as bad if he's the only one that behaves that way, but NO. The entire staff behaves in this manner. YEAH I KNOW RIGHT.

So we ordered an English breakfast and I had toast and egg. I've already lost majority of my appetite by then, it was such a huge turnoff. Like for realz turn-off. Those that makes you so mad at the kind of disrespect you're given you really wanted to leave but because you waited for so long and is so terribly hungry you just had to wait. Ippudo kind of wait.


We had to wait SO LONG for our food I literally had so many of this kind of pictures thanks to the new level of boredom I had. Needless to say, I had so many of these pictures because bf was just so bored.

And after the terribly long wait, listening to all the expats talking and the family next to us sucking up to the expat and suddenly having an accent that does not sound local at all, the food finally arrived (which at this point of time, bf was already shitting in the toilet. YES THE WAIT IS THAT LONG).

See, we went there because both of us are such FANS of English breakfast. Bacon, poached eggs, sausage, sauteed mushrooms and toast. It's like heaven on earth so what's there not to like?
And our food came, giving them credit, the arrangement on the plate is really fancy, more atas and less homely as compared to Wild Honey.

So fancy the leaves are sparsely lying limply on the plates because less is always better....right?
I've always believed that a picture speaks a thousand words but in this case, I have more than a thousand swearings and curses in my head when this thing arrived. I mean at $20, it's not exactly really pricey but CMON. I can almost imagine the plate going from one chef counter to another like it's on a conveyor belt and the 'chef' just dumping the food on the plates like in a canteen.

My toast and eggs. Nothing fancy, just toast and eggs, literally.

But, since my mama always taught me to not judge anything by it's cover, taste should take priority since we're eating right?


You should ALWAYS judge a food by its cover.

The bacon is too tough (TOUGH mind you, not crispy).
The sausage tasted weird (I don't know, maybe we have got cheap man's mouth).
The mushroom was not that bad, it tastes like mushroom.
The bread is just not what I like and the butter tastes like margarine (Maybe it's margarine? Maybe it's a healthy version of butter so that's why it doesn't really taste as full as margarine).
Let's now talk about the poached eggs. Poached eggs are my absolute favorite thing in this whole wide world. AND THE POACHED EGG TASTES LIKE SHIT. There's no flavor in the eggs at all. It is just eggs. No seasoning, nothing. And even as a person who doesn't cook, I know that the most crucial time to add seasoning is RIGHT AFTER IT IS COOKED. But no, it goes to your table completely un-seasoned and you season "to your liking". Not what they explained, they don't really explained but I am hoping that that's their reason behind not seasoning any damn thing. Maybe that explains why I "only" had to pay $20, since I had to season myself.

So after we had the food, I just had to drink coffee. And we ordered the cuppucino, which is what $5 or $6 for the small one.

This is what arrived.

I have no idea if what you see is true to life but let me show you one more picture.
That, my friend, is a TEASPOON. That is how freaking small this cup of coffee is. It's not expresso, it's cuppucino. My god. Seriously. And the best part is that the waitress DID NOT at any point of time, let us know that's the size of a small cup.

Bf being amazed by the small-titude of the cup. I am in awe as to who would actually manufacture such small cups FOR COFFEE.

To reinterate how much we hated the place, we didn't finish either plate of our food and left the pathetic cup of coffee there after one sip, not that there's many sips to begin with.

And now I shall end my post with a verdict: that I shall NEVER, EVER head back again. Go back and be judged, for what? No service, no good food. No redeeming factor.
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Monday, April 8, 2013

A week of Waffles Part 1

This has been truly a real hectic week.
Yesterday there was a flea with little miss pik and it’s super fun!
The sad part was that because its at Bugis+ café, the turnout was so horrid. There were even vendors leaving as early as 3pm. (yeah the turnout was THAT bad) but I guess the next time I should just do the flea at *SCAPE!
BUT the big news here wasn’t the flea! (it mainly is there for me to sell my $2 and $5 clothes purely because I have wayyyyyy too much clothes. Lets not digress, but the big news is that I’m reopening my blogshop! As some of you may know, my previous shop was truly upsetting. After the incident (with people whom nobody should call friends) where my money was gone, basically because I was being naïve and overtrusting.
After thinking for so long, talking with bf and Miss Pik, I’ve finally decided to reopen and relinquish my dream!!
*pops confetti*
So I was mainly super super busy with getting in new stocks! I guess previously I didn’t really know what I was doing and I just dived into this. This time I feel so much more equipped and so much more energy, like everything is going the right way. Really hoping that this time round success can be guaranteed with hard work!
I have to say though, that it has taken me such courage to do this again because after losing so much money (both myself and bf’s) but I guess it’s a lesson learnt. You see people’s true colors. Guess it’s a small price to pay.
So I’ve been really busy sourcing for pretty and hopefully edgy clothes for everyone! And this time, because our fingers are so burnt the last time round, we’re going to cut cost on everything; and I’ve got to say I learnt that web design does NOT costs $800 (without shopping cart no less)!!!!!
Can’t wait to roll out my new launch urgh this is so amazingly exciting!
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Friday, April 5, 2013

How to handle morning traffic (Public transport edition)

You know, because everyone takes public transport to work as much as they can in Singapore, it’s really a real skill to maneuver your way from the time you step out of your house to the point where you reach work.
It doesn’t take a real scientist to figure out that with all the traffic on the roads, its really faster to take trains.
The only problem with that is that in order to take the train, you have to actually be at the train station first. So here is where the bus comes in. Here’s the second problem, HOW DO YOU ACTUALLY GET ON THE BUS.
Trick #1: Download IRIS.
Yeah yeah, IRIS doesn’t work every single time but at least you won’t be waiting like some ant on the bloody fire AND you can check for the bus timings at the closest bus stop so that you can take another bus.
Trick #2: Walk to the damn MRT station
I have to admit, I use to walk to the MRT station daily because I am so sick of taking buses to the MRT station. It takes me 25min to go to the MRT station (because I have a red light every 100m. I’m not exaggerating) which is totally ridiculous when I take the same amount of time to walk there. The catch, however, is that you cannot stay in an area like mine. I stay in an area so populated with cyclists who thinks that the pedestrian roads are there PURELY for their own pleasure and entertainment I’ve been knocked down by cyclists and have argued with them countless times. I even fell down a month back and couldn’t walk for 2 days literally and took one week for the wound to even heal. YEAH it’s more dangerous than climbing Mount Everest.

Which is why, right now, I alternate between two buses depending on the timings, which I think everyone should because it is an absolute CATASTROPHE when I take the bus daily. Why in the world would it take 5 freaking minutes for people to just get on the already jam packed bus?? Why in the world would people want to run and squeeze into the already jam-packed bus WHEN YOUR STOP HAS MULTIPLE BUSES TO THE INTERCHANGE AND YOU STAY EVEN CLOSER THAN I AM TO THE INTERCHANGE? Any my last question could be a potential million dollar question. WHY IN THE WORLD WOULD PEOPLE BUS WHEN YOU STAY ONE FUCKING STOP FROM THE INTERCHANGE? I mean really? I’m not judging you because you’re rich enough to bus for one stop; I’m judging you because with all the jams going into the interchange, you’ll be 10 times better off walking for 3 minutes.
But, let’s not digress. The trick to survive on a bus is really important if you want to see your train come by.
Trick #3: Find a seat close to the door.
When people start jamming up the remaining space left on the bus, your 2 trains would have left and you would have been late even before you alight the bus.
Trick #4: Climb up the tree if there’s a fire
We all know there’s only like 5 critical seats that ensure your smooth departure from the bus. So if you’re on a double deck, you’re in luck. Go up. The higher you go the better. There’s like 10 critical seats on top, so you have 300% chance of finding your preferred seat.
Trick #5: If all else fails, find one corner and stick yourself there and PRAY.

Now, after you alight from the bus you gotta know that you got to walk. Actually, scratch that. Before you alight from the bus, chant to yourself “ I’m a ninja and I will conquer all of you.”
And once you alight, you zjiu! Zjiu! Zjiu! And zip yourself amongst everyone until you reach your destination!
Now you got to get on the train! So here comes
Trick #6: Get into the cabin with the door closest to the escalator/stairs
Actually, the trick on the train is to stand. JUST STAND AND DON’T EXPECT TO GET A SEAT. I mean if you stand, the most you get is probably somebody who hasn’t showered plastering themselves to you, it isn’t half as bad because you’re the victim. BUT, when you’re sitting down, especially if you’re a guy and you do one of the following:
·         Pretend you’re sleeping
·         Pretend you’re reading
·         Pretend (ok maybe not) that the newspapers that you’re inconsiderately reading wide open is blocking your view
·         Pretend your eyes are there for show when you only use your ears to listen to music
·         Oh this is good. Stare back at all the woman and the old.
Why don’t you kiss my ass. You’re are able-bodied men so if you can’t give your seat up ESPECIALLY WHEN YOU’RE SITTING AT THE RESERVED SEAT, you should be kissing your dick goodbye. I’ve seen and done it many times. The man pretending to not see anything but the woman gives up the seat when they aren’t at the reserved seat and when the person in need is standing far away. Oh god this topic is so infuriating I could write an entire post on it. So what I really mean is that you should just not sit because you would either be stomped or be scolded by a lady.
Don’t give up now, you’re almost there. CAMP at the door where you exit ONLY WHEN YOU’RE ALIGHTING. Seriously, one more time someone blocks the pathway I will scream and embarrass the shit out of him/her. The moment the door opens, MAKE A RUN FOR IT. I actually don’t mean it literally I meant to walk really quickly but I’ve seen it more than once people actually really run so…. It’s really your own choice.
Once you exit your gantry, CONGRATULATIONS!! You have completed your morning task of the day and your ACTUAL WORK HAS YET TO EVEN START!
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Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Paris Baguette

Ohaiyoooooo everybodyyyy!

So, we headed to Paris Baguette the other day because I'm so in love with their cakes. (Dont even get me started on the super lousy ion-basement Japanese crepe. Jesus lord that thang is so bad I can't even....

So after finding us a table (it is always duper duper hard to get a table at Paris Baguette during meal and tea times just simply because they don't have enough tables and that its really dumb to not charge service charge at a place that overcharges every single thing just simply because you're too damn cheapo to hire people to show others to the seats. 
Everytime I head to Paris Baguette I ALWAYS had something to say about their stupid shit service. I really don't know how to use proper english that doesn't classify as vulgarity on their service. Maybe dreaming is one. For starters, the tables are ALWAYS super dirty. You see, for a diner that sells everything with flour, you would think that they would at least have some common sense to clean their table hurridly right? I mean c'mon, you always have at least 2-3 people who only wipes the tables and 10 inside the glass cabinets and let's face it. You have at most 30 tables in the entire floor space, MAX. So it's not unreasonable to expect the tables to be clean right? Side joke, recently they hired this really unfortunate looking "table cleaner". I'm calling her table cleaner because I've seen her twice recently (probably hired in recent months because I didn't see her before that) and twice she looks like the annoying smart-ass from school that thinks she's too good for this job. So on this particular day we visited, our table was REALLY REALLY horribly dirty with crumbs and oil everywhere. So seeing that the place is so super freaking dirty, we were fine in asking the waitresses nicely "smile, please, thank you, pleading etc". The first time she stared at us and said "you cannot wait is it". And when we asked the second time, she literally DRAGS herself when she wipes and gives you the most annoyingly-frustrating (i refuse to insert hokkien vulgarity) face/expression ever.
Okay so we let that slide.

So bad services aside (I've come to terms with their bad services because really, they aren't adding on to their outrageous price w outrageous non-existent service charge, so oh-well, I'm starting to let go their staffs always standing behind these famed glass panels and dreaming. You would know immediately what I mean by dreaming the moment you drop by because really, ALL their staff does that), I love their food.

So at the top you would see the garlic baguette. I think they call it korean garlic or some long-ass names along that line but I prefer to simply call it garlic bread. I really do love this one. The first time I got it, I bought it home and eat it over 2 breakfast (the third morning). And at that time my place did not even have a microwave so I had it cold and sorta stale but it was still freaking ass awesome.

So we decided what to get fairly quickly. And we waited for our food.

This is the number tag that the waitresses are supposed to bring over to you. But...... I'll get to that later.

I wanted to say that the waiting time is reasonable but it was not. AT ALL. I think we waited like 30min before we got a little quick snack because we were already starving.

The bacon whatever. This is really good, and I remember I really do like it. The only problem is that this is really cold from staying in airconditioning all day so yeah.

Right. As I was saying we were waiting and waiting and waiting. So after we finished our bread, we were still waiting.

When the food finally came, it was when we went to ask because it was just taking too damn long. Turns out our food was sitting at the counter all along and nobody took it over (they are supposed to bring it to you).

Aiya but like I've said, I've gotten over their (lack of) service so yeah BACK TO THE FOOD!

THIS IS HOLY BEJUSUZZZ THE BEST FREAKING BURGER EVER. There are two burgers that look exactly the same and I can't really remember the exact name for this burger but it's one of the homemade burgers WITH ONION RINGS (I believe the other on has no onion rings). I love everything about the burger other than the fact that its huge and I feel like the ultimate pig for finishing it. The patty is juicy and succulent and the sauce. OH THE SAUCE. It's so tangy and savoury to JUST THE RIGHT TASTE and combine it with the onion rings slapped on top? I'm having a sensual eruption just thinking of the burger right now. This cost $17 which is a tad expensive for a burger but hey! Everything is expensive here! *rolls eyes*

Bf ordered the Briole. His verdict: The egg is so creamy it tastes super good initially, but gets too damn jelat because it becomes TOO creamy.

I thought it's alright, didn't want to even touch the salami because bf picked out ALL the salami claiming it tastes so weird it doesn't even taste like food.

Anyhoooooooo, Paris Baguette has fantabulous bread and not so fantastic pudding. ($4 for soft serve MacDonald's icecream is NOT worth it) So if you're craving for some "clean-tasting" bread and can tolerate shit service? PARIS BAGUETTE IS PERFECT FOR YOU!


435 Orchard Road
#02-48/53 Wisma Atria
Tel: 68362010
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Thursday, March 21, 2013


Alright! I'm going to go ahead and say yay!! I've finally found the time to blog! soooo before I start I'm going to start by showing you a picture of me taken at the clinic when my injured knee was infected!!!!

Just kidding. Falling down and limping is horrible.
Especially when I fell down on my way to work and not only hit my knee BUT ALSO HIT MY FACE.
Not only has the ointment expired years back BUT I WAS LIMPING SO TERRIBLY FOR TWO DAYS because the infection was inside my knee.

So yup. sucky week :(

Anyhowwwws, after going to the clinic because I really couldn't walk we went to Dian Xiao Er for dinner because
1. Who doesn't love the food at Dian Xiao Er
2. It's really not that expensive

But one thing to note about Dian Xiao Er is that they do not accept reservations, i.e walk ins only. Which is why I usually only go on weekdays.

Oh and don't ever waste your money on drinks at Dian Xiao Er, their drinks (irregardless of what you order) doesn't taste all that good and you'll be better off with their 30c a cup water.

I always really like the interior of Dian Xiao Er because they really do make you feel like you go to dian xiao er, you know those very ancient kind of feeling? Like its all stone and wood. YA GET THE DRIFT YEA?

First up, 十全烤鸭!

I'm not even going to bother lying.
Gross. I know. But I really do love it, especially round the neck where the aroma of all the spices just BURSTS in your mouth. YEAP, that kind of sensual eruption.
I have to say out of all the ducks I've had, famous or not, I always end up craving for Dian Xiao Er's duck, just because they are that awesome. The spices are aroma enough to make you want to eat more but its not as bad as those super super tonic types where it tastes bitter.
And the best part about their duck? It's reallyyyyyyy cheap. I mean not like dirt cheap kind of cheap but cheap enough for restaurant setting! Ok lah if you think about the size this is a small whole duck but it's all about quality over quantity right?

Whole duck: $49.90

Next is vegetable!! 清炒豆苗
There is no words to describe this but this dish is my favorite vegetable in the whole wide freaking world. Its crispy, stirred-fried to JUST THE RIGHT AMOUNT and just taste so heavenly. You know some stalls cook doumiao into grass (I mean ya technically it's grass but you can cook it to NOT taste like grass)? THIS IS NOTHING LIKE GRASS! It feels like meat for the vegans. SEDAP!

Pork Belly
I don't even want to waste time describing this. Went to Dian Xiao Er multiple times, each and every time I will order this dish (because I love this dish in generally) and each and every time it's just MEH~~ I keep wishing its just the cook not being at his prime when cooking this but this time, it finally dawns on me that Dian Xiao Er is just mehhhhhh with its braised pork belly. I mean it doesn't taste horrible it's just mehhhhhh. The meat is a little to hard, skin is a little too soggy and gravy is a little to less-than-awesome, so add together is just a big-ass MEH lor!

something something 伊面
All their dishes are super long and filled with wordy chinese words so I'm sorry I really cannot remember.
You know at first glance this noodle looks like just any other Eemien at any zichar place right? LOOK AGAIN. Okay just kidding it looks like a regular $4 noodle but THIS IS THE BEST EEMIEN I HAVE EVER HAD IN MY LIFE. I know I'm like super kuazhang but good things are meant to be shared and this is truly amazing. The sauce is salty to just the right level and the noodle! OH THE NOODLE. It is thin but not too thin. Texture is superb and veggies tastes fresh. I LOVE THIS.
Perfect balance between the greasiness and the freshness of the vegetables.
I will honestly go back just to eat this!

I am going to go ahead and just call it yam ring because I can never pronounced the chinese name properly. My mom and I absolutely love this. Their yam has so much volume to its taste it will burst out of your mouth. And the fried beehoon is so lightly fried you won't feel like you're eating flour. You know, super weightless, so you will feel like you're not eating anything fattening at all!

As you can tell I really love the food at Dian Xiao Er, maybe because it is simply just duper hard to find a chinese restaurant for casual dining that isn't ridiculously overpriced. I couldnt really remember all the prices but the prices all go by the size in which you ordered. We ordered small for everything except the duck (whole), Dou Miao (Medium) and Yam Ring ( standard size) and we all ate until we are duper stuffed!

On top of it, Diao Xiao Er always has some kind of bank promotion and this time round it's DBS credit card! All DBS credit cards get 10% off bill (before GST & Service Charge) so we paid $112 for all 5 of us! Thats cheap considering we ate until we are super super full and that's a full duck!


(They are never rude but really, when you are charged for each cup of plain water which doesn't get automatically refilled it really hardly justifies their service charge)
FOOD: 9/10
(I really think every dish is fab except the braised pork so its definitely worth a try!)

Dian Xiao Er can be found at
Jurong Point 2
1 Jurong West Central 2,
#03-26/27, Jurong Point,
Singapore 648331
Tel: 67926268

Operating hours:
Monday to Friday
11.30am-3.00pm (last order 2.30pm)
5.30pm-10.00pm (last order 9.30pm)

Weekends and Public Holidays
11.30am-10.00pm (last order 9.30pm)

*Note that reservations can be made for groups of 10 or more (BUT NOT ON PH AND EVE OF PH!)

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Monday, January 28, 2013

Morning traffic

There really isn’t anything to blog about these days.
But ohwell, since I promised myself I shall blog no matter what, I shall do it.
For starters, I’ve finally started on my internship and OH GOD HOW I HATE IT.
Let me make myself clear though. I do not hate working. I just hate the part from when I open my eyes to the time in which I reach the office.
I absolutely hate waking up so goddamn early every morning! And even though I don’t stay particular far from the pickup point, (I stay in JW and pickup point is at JE), my bus that takes me from the house to the Boon lay mrt station is a god-damned 25min ride. And every day, without fail, I hit the red light on EVERY.GOD.DAMN.FUCKING.REDLIGHT.
And if that wasn’t enough, the bus lovesssss to come altogether at the same bloody time before forcing you to wait for 20min for the next bus. So naturally, since every single company in the country pretty much starts work at approximately the same time (8am to 830am), there will definitely be a major clusterfuck at to get onto the bus. It gets so bad, I decide to walk to the mrt station every morning. Yeap, it has to be THAT intolerable to get me to bloody exercise, so I guess that’s the only perk of having a stupid bus ride. Oh oh oh! Did I not mention that because my bus has to go into the interchange, ALLLLLLLLLLLLL the buses carrying all the people rushing to work will have a major clusterfuck at the junction before turning in? YEAP THAT’S RIGHT. I WOULD RATHER WALK TO THE INTERCHANGE.
As if taking the bus in the morning wasn’t bad enough, you have to fight your way through all the people who loveeeeeeeeees to jam up the walkway either TEXTING, CALLING, or just being completely blind to totally ignore the stream of people that they road hog. So once again, I have to ask this question. WHY ARE THERE NO LEFT LANE FOR INCONSIDERATE PEOPLE LIKE THAT? WHY ONLY CARS GOT LEFT LANE? There should be a left lane to tell people, “hey! Morning y’all! I see all of you are in a fucking rush so don’t let me block your way and make your already terrible morning a completely miserable piece of shit.”
Okay, so assuming you have already battled your way through the crowd. The next stage would be the MRT station. Sounds simple right? Tap your card, go up escalator, walk into the end of the train, wait for the train, do everything as fast as you can so you won’t hog up the road.
It is as if every morning, there is bound to be some genius who can’t seem to be able to follow simple instructions like that. There’s either people walking as if they are strolling in the park, or people who can’t decide if they want to get on the train and all the while standing right in front of TWO (that’s right, not one, TWO BLOODY ONES) entrance and pretend that nobody is busy.
Yay you. I hope your boss likes that attitude too.
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