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Alright! I'm going to go ahead and say yay!! I've finally found the time to blog! soooo before I start I'm going to start by showing you a picture of me taken at the clinic when my injured knee was infected!!!!

Just kidding. Falling down and limping is horrible.
Especially when I fell down on my way to work and not only hit my knee BUT ALSO HIT MY FACE.
Not only has the ointment expired years back BUT I WAS LIMPING SO TERRIBLY FOR TWO DAYS because the infection was inside my knee.

So yup. sucky week :(

Anyhowwwws, after going to the clinic because I really couldn't walk we went to Dian Xiao Er for dinner because
1. Who doesn't love the food at Dian Xiao Er
2. It's really not that expensive

But one thing to note about Dian Xiao Er is that they do not accept reservations, i.e walk ins only. Which is why I usually only go on weekdays.

Oh and don't ever waste your money on drinks at Dian Xiao Er, their drinks (irregardless of what you order) doesn't taste all that good and you'll be better off with their 30c a cup water.

I always really like the interior of Dian Xiao Er because they really do make you feel like you go to dian xiao er, you know those very ancient kind of feeling? Like its all stone and wood. YA GET THE DRIFT YEA?

First up, 十全烤鸭!

I'm not even going to bother lying.
Gross. I know. But I really do love it, especially round the neck where the aroma of all the spices just BURSTS in your mouth. YEAP, that kind of sensual eruption.
I have to say out of all the ducks I've had, famous or not, I always end up craving for Dian Xiao Er's duck, just because they are that awesome. The spices are aroma enough to make you want to eat more but its not as bad as those super super tonic types where it tastes bitter.
And the best part about their duck? It's reallyyyyyyy cheap. I mean not like dirt cheap kind of cheap but cheap enough for restaurant setting! Ok lah if you think about the size this is a small whole duck but it's all about quality over quantity right?

Whole duck: $49.90

Next is vegetable!! 清炒豆苗
There is no words to describe this but this dish is my favorite vegetable in the whole wide freaking world. Its crispy, stirred-fried to JUST THE RIGHT AMOUNT and just taste so heavenly. You know some stalls cook doumiao into grass (I mean ya technically it's grass but you can cook it to NOT taste like grass)? THIS IS NOTHING LIKE GRASS! It feels like meat for the vegans. SEDAP!

Pork Belly
I don't even want to waste time describing this. Went to Dian Xiao Er multiple times, each and every time I will order this dish (because I love this dish in generally) and each and every time it's just MEH~~ I keep wishing its just the cook not being at his prime when cooking this but this time, it finally dawns on me that Dian Xiao Er is just mehhhhhh with its braised pork belly. I mean it doesn't taste horrible it's just mehhhhhh. The meat is a little to hard, skin is a little too soggy and gravy is a little to less-than-awesome, so add together is just a big-ass MEH lor!

something something 伊面
All their dishes are super long and filled with wordy chinese words so I'm sorry I really cannot remember.
You know at first glance this noodle looks like just any other Eemien at any zichar place right? LOOK AGAIN. Okay just kidding it looks like a regular $4 noodle but THIS IS THE BEST EEMIEN I HAVE EVER HAD IN MY LIFE. I know I'm like super kuazhang but good things are meant to be shared and this is truly amazing. The sauce is salty to just the right level and the noodle! OH THE NOODLE. It is thin but not too thin. Texture is superb and veggies tastes fresh. I LOVE THIS.
Perfect balance between the greasiness and the freshness of the vegetables.
I will honestly go back just to eat this!

I am going to go ahead and just call it yam ring because I can never pronounced the chinese name properly. My mom and I absolutely love this. Their yam has so much volume to its taste it will burst out of your mouth. And the fried beehoon is so lightly fried you won't feel like you're eating flour. You know, super weightless, so you will feel like you're not eating anything fattening at all!

As you can tell I really love the food at Dian Xiao Er, maybe because it is simply just duper hard to find a chinese restaurant for casual dining that isn't ridiculously overpriced. I couldnt really remember all the prices but the prices all go by the size in which you ordered. We ordered small for everything except the duck (whole), Dou Miao (Medium) and Yam Ring ( standard size) and we all ate until we are duper stuffed!

On top of it, Diao Xiao Er always has some kind of bank promotion and this time round it's DBS credit card! All DBS credit cards get 10% off bill (before GST & Service Charge) so we paid $112 for all 5 of us! Thats cheap considering we ate until we are super super full and that's a full duck!


(They are never rude but really, when you are charged for each cup of plain water which doesn't get automatically refilled it really hardly justifies their service charge)
FOOD: 9/10
(I really think every dish is fab except the braised pork so its definitely worth a try!)

Dian Xiao Er can be found at
Jurong Point 2
1 Jurong West Central 2,
#03-26/27, Jurong Point,
Singapore 648331
Tel: 67926268

Operating hours:
Monday to Friday
11.30am-3.00pm (last order 2.30pm)
5.30pm-10.00pm (last order 9.30pm)

Weekends and Public Holidays
11.30am-10.00pm (last order 9.30pm)

*Note that reservations can be made for groups of 10 or more (BUT NOT ON PH AND EVE OF PH!)


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