Thursday, July 26, 2012


It seems like I only blog like 3 times a year. It's been awhile since I have the time off to do some blogging!

Been really busy traveling and working as well as setting up my online clothing shop THREE3SOME!!!!

I know I know, the name is kinky and what not but don't misunderstand! It's definitely a shop you would like to pay some visit :)

Some updates about my life, work has been great. In fact, I'm really really glad I found this job. Great environment except some bitches but let's not allow bitches to ruin anyone's day!

My very first Kindle!
  I've finally got my Kindle! Didn't want to get Kindle Fire or any fancy ones because I've already got my iPad and honestly, I need something that I can have my thumb on without it deleting something or doing something completely annoying!

Kindle is super super useful because now I can read ANYWHERE and during work!

Like I said, work is really good because I'm basically working on my own with nobody to bother me and that's so shiok it's beyond words. Except for the bitch who thinks she's the leader of the group only because the rest of them are way too nice to let her know otherwise.

In fact, I'm so free sometimes I have the time to take pictures like these....

...... when I'm shitting.

And because I'm sometimes so free, the spacious office (lobby) that I have becomes my portable shooting location. Because of my love for all the various filter apps these days, I don't even bother photoshopping anything to come up with pictures like this

I don't remember this picture being so washed out when I'm viewing it on my phone but ohwells never mind that.

Recently, I've also developed a love for all things fattening ( as seen from my weighing scale and chubby cheeks) including my favourite cupcake from Mamalade Pantry.
As much as their service is a piece of crap and off-putting as hell, I can't help but keep returning for their awesome Red Velvet cupcake with cream cheese and coconut shavings.

Heaven on Earth
  Never in my life have I eaten something that's so moist yet not jelat. Sweet but savoury thanks to the lovely cream cheese and absolutely devine coconut shavings.
It's really sad how fast this cupcake sells out because I almost always couldn't manage to buy this. It's like out of the 10 times I go to eat this cake, I could only have it 2 times. Sad but true.

It is also of appropriate size, about the size of the palm, unlike the overrated Twelve Cupcakes, which is super small and lacks the layered taste of Mamalade Pantry's.

Now, as you can see from above, I LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE iPhone photo apps. I love them so much I don't even use my camera anymore. With iPhone apps, I can just simply snap and photo and completely change the presentation of the photo with simply a tap. THERE IS NO MORE NEED FOR PHOTOSHOP.
For those of you who doesn't know, Photoshop takes up so much time sometimes you just want to throw your Mac out of the window. It's like god's way of punishing us for wanting to delude other people into thinking we're better looking than we actually are. Other than filters, we can now also add bokehs! Bokehs are so cute and adorable they make an original photo like


and this

 and turns it into


 This is toooooo adorable for words. I can't stop using the apps even though JJ has officially judged me for constantly taking photos when I'm shitting.

Really have to start taking more pictures and blogging it before my ageing mind decides to forget too many things.

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