Thursday, November 22, 2012

2 months in Taiwan

I've been in Taiwan for 2 and close to 3 months in Taiwan now and my eyesight never felt so bad. It's so horrid now I feel like I might go blind anytime soon.

All in all Taiwan is super fun, having gone to so many places. The only one complaint I have is the food.....


I mean I get it, the food is awesome the first 5 days I was here... then it just goes all the way down. And by down, I MEAN DOWN.
It's like they don't know any way to prepare the food other than frying it. And that their only side dishes are pork cutlet, chicken cutlet, cutlet cutlet cutlet.

I thought I should be blogging yet again because hey, there's no better time to record my journey other than through blogging ain't it?

So I log on to blogger and guess what happened? Because I posted all my old photos through blogger server, apparently it's missing for god knows why. Sigh, gotta start uploading to flickr from now on.

Okay shall stop with the ramblings and get on to where I've just came back from the weekend! It was a really hectic weekend and we went to two places in three days! Guanziling for mud spring on Saturday and Alishan on Sunday through to Monday! It's really a bummer because it was raining like a freaking dog throughout the weekend and the moment it hits Monday suddenly the rain god decides "hey, I think they've suffered enough and wasted enough money. Let's stop the rain and give them BLAZING FUCKING SUN even though it's winter *inserts smirk*".

It's really sad that we didn't take much photos from Guanziling other than the fire/water thing which is truly amazing. Seriously, how many times do you see a fire burning so brightly WHEN IT'S RAINING THUNDERSTORM OUTSIDE, because when you're inside, it's pretty much just rain and mud and annoying woman telling their boyfriend in their disgusting voices to *insert ghetto voice* "help me pile this piece of shit on" just kidding. Not kidding about the annoying voice though.

So other than the rain god's absolute love for us, we also encountered this granny who seems to love us so much she can't seem to stop touting us to take her car up. I swear the woman must be 70 at least, and that she also seems to be slightly on the crazy side, so much so she's delusioned about US being crazy and called us that when we rejected her ride even though hers is 50NTD cheaper per pax; primarily due to her being not only a crazy bitch but also a very very very naggy one.

On our way up. Yup, thanks to the rain it was already cold enough on the car to have me wrap myself up like a bah-zhang

Views going uphill!

As you can see from the sun, this was actually taken on our way down but aiya, makes more chronological sense putting it here haha

Thats right bitches! It's so freaking cold up there Derp and I had to rent winter clothings to wear on top of what we brought!
OOTD: 1 pullover, 1 cardigan, 1 school sweater, 1 winter jacket, 1 beanie + 2 hoodies from the abovementioned jacket.

And like everyone knows right, to go to Alishan you must be going there for 3 things:
  1. Walking on top of clouds
  2. Seeing the stars
  3. Seeing the sunset/sunrise without freezing to your death

Well, as luck would have it?


It's mist and fog EVERYWHERE YOU TURN. In fact, the wind and the rain is so bloody bad all you see is this.


Being utterly devastated at the turn of events, we went for the trek (okay lah in my definition it's trekking but to Derp it is "hardly trekking" *rolls eyes*. You walk in the forrest, you find your way out equals trekking.) in the ERRATIC RAIN. I say erratic because the rain cannot decide what volume it wants us to have, so he rotates the rain volume with no particular frequency.

The thing is that the forrest is really really really pretty so mai hiam buay pai lah.

You have to take the train to start your trek! Im sure if you go Alishan CONFIRM have to take this train. There's really nothing much to do over there but hey, the trees are COMPLETELY gorgeous! 
Just looking at the wetness of the floor and you'll know how much I've suffered over there *sobs*


I can't actually remember if this is the sunrise or sunset..... Aiya sunrise lah, PRETTY EH
3 generations of tree! Cool?

Taken when trekking! I believe it looks tons better IRL
After trekking! look how tired we are!
I highly believe this is the sunrise that we woke up at 4am for.... 

Taken with the first ray of morning sunlight!

The veryyyyyyyyyyyyyyy old post office of Alishan! It's still functional! 
In fact, the employees of the post office all over Taiwan can actually stay at level two of the post office on vacation! We only got to know that because we met this really nice couple who were staying there!
Right outside the post office. Told ya the train was Alishan's highlight!

Morning after, when going downhill, we went to see tea plantations!
Paranoma view of the tea plantations!

I'm starting to think that I have an obsession with trains......

This is apparently a set that was specially built for the movie! The location is SO BLOODY obscure that we almost got lost just trying to find this! but the internals are rather interesting I have to say!

Add caption
Ending the post with act-yige model picture! I did not do ANYTHING to add the mist because yup, it really is so bloody cold up there.


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