Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Back from Kaohsiung!

Hey everybody!

Just came back from Kaohsiung yesterday night! Was supposed to meet my cousin but well... Idk but we didn't manage to meet up probably due to her not being able to get Wifi.

It's kinda weird how everyone seems so reliant on internet on the go these days. Ohwells.

Just saw some videos of some popular blogger on the internet and they really don't seem as pretty as bloggers of before. You know people like Xiaxue, Qiuqiu, they are all so freakinggggg pretty. But I guess time changes and so does everyone's tastes.

Kinda tired to edit the photos we took yesterday at Kaohsiung when we went to the Lego exhibition because I completely forgot to bring my camera thanks to my geykhiang-ness to charge it in the morning. Now even better, all my photos have to be taken on my Note.

But one thing I'm proud of! I've finished the book I started yesterday morning! "Still Missing" by Chevy Stevens. I absolutely love the intensity of the book, so much so that I stayed up at night to finish reading it after such a tiring day and didn't even dare to go to the toilet after reading because the book is that terrifying. For everyone who loves a good psychological thriller, I would totally recommend this book!

While this book may not have the best crafted story, it is with no doubt it is an intense book that would be sure to linger in your mind wayyyyyyyyy after you put the book down; and that is if you're even able to put it down. I'm not going to bother with the summary of the book because hey, this is a book about abduction and the emotional turmoil of the woman after she went home. Not the most complex story line yet you'll be missing out on her journey if you don't read. Kinda reminds me of the sick psycho Joseph Fritzl. 

Eeew. Creepy.
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