Thursday, May 10, 2012


Okay, first I have to say that the only reason why I even dared to start writing this blogpost is because I have banned Derp from reading this post.

Recently been reading a lot about a lot of people getting married and I have to say... Im kinda jealous.
Which is kinda bad, simply because I don't remember if I took any vow to not get married.

I remember before I entered uni, I made a vow to not get attached for 4 years, after getting my heart broken so many times, I could even write out 100 reasons not to get even attached.... Until I met Derp.

But it's really pretty sad because in Singapore, to get married, you'd have to go through this longgggggggggggg passage way of planning before you can get married.
The housing, the .. well the housing plays a big part. You have to apply for housing and then submit your marriage certificate within 3 months of allocation blah blah blah which is such a wet blanket!

Gone are the days where you can just marry in the heat of the moment.
Gone are the days where the guy can just ask the woman's hand in marriage after waking up next to her in the morning then suddenly realizing that this is the woman i want to wake up next to every single day for the rest of my life. Sappy. I know.

But most importantly, gone are the days where you marry spontaneously purely because you love your partner and want to start a family with your partner

And the biggest reason why I hate the lack of spontaneity is because I can't marry in Las Vegas -.- .
I hate it.

Growing up, all I want to is to marry myself off in a wedding that doesn't require planning, which is why I simply hate Chinese weddings. The banquets, the relatives the planning and THE MONEY, all of which I don't see the purpose in doing. True enough, marriage isn't just about the two of you but its not about the entire universe as well isn't it?

Okay fine I am lying. Growing up I never saw myself marrying off purely because I am so weird. I've always felt like a guy being trapped in a woman's body, and luckily I am still blessed with the extreme vanity that exceeds the norm of normal woman, but yeah, marriage always seem like such a scary thought, having to see the same face for the rest of you life.
I guess that was the rebellious side of me talking growing up.
Now, it seems more scary to spend the rest of my life alone while everyone around you starts getting married.

Anyway back to topic.
Why is it that all chinese has to get married in banquets?

I'm guessing if you don't have a house, it doesn't constitute to a happy marriage. And I would hardly think that a Las Vegas marriage fit into HDB's requirement of a marriage certificate.

But it's really kind of stupid that I'm writing this because I'm not getting married, not anytime soon.

But if I do, I would want to have a fairytale wedding, no banquets, just family with us, in Las Vegas.

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