Friday, April 26, 2013

A week of Waffles Part 2

Helloooo dollllls!

As you would have realized by now, is now permanently down and I'm still trying to get it up, web hoster hasn't been replying me.

Anyhooooos, my blog is going to be removed from the domain and will now shift to because I will now require the domain for bigger things!!

I know I haven't been updating and I'm not trying to find excuses to discount my laziness but I've been so tired from work (in the office in the day) and work (at home in my room doing more work) I really haven't found the energy to blog.

Things are going better these days I supposed, so much so I've actually been gaining weight (I'd like to think that it's because I'm working hard and not because I'm leading such sedatary lifestyle and overeating excessively everyday. Yes I used bad English, I feel the need to emphasize the magnitude of my overeating).

Shall update soon with more more reviews!!! Not that I'm actually any good with any reviews but hey! that's just my opinion haha. I mean, in real life, who REALLY cares about texture blah blah blah. NICE AND WORTH IT OR NOT MORE IMPORTANT RIGHT.


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