Monday, April 8, 2013

A week of Waffles Part 1

This has been truly a real hectic week.
Yesterday there was a flea with little miss pik and it’s super fun!
The sad part was that because its at Bugis+ café, the turnout was so horrid. There were even vendors leaving as early as 3pm. (yeah the turnout was THAT bad) but I guess the next time I should just do the flea at *SCAPE!
BUT the big news here wasn’t the flea! (it mainly is there for me to sell my $2 and $5 clothes purely because I have wayyyyyy too much clothes. Lets not digress, but the big news is that I’m reopening my blogshop! As some of you may know, my previous shop was truly upsetting. After the incident (with people whom nobody should call friends) where my money was gone, basically because I was being naïve and overtrusting.
After thinking for so long, talking with bf and Miss Pik, I’ve finally decided to reopen and relinquish my dream!!
*pops confetti*
So I was mainly super super busy with getting in new stocks! I guess previously I didn’t really know what I was doing and I just dived into this. This time I feel so much more equipped and so much more energy, like everything is going the right way. Really hoping that this time round success can be guaranteed with hard work!
I have to say though, that it has taken me such courage to do this again because after losing so much money (both myself and bf’s) but I guess it’s a lesson learnt. You see people’s true colors. Guess it’s a small price to pay.
So I’ve been really busy sourcing for pretty and hopefully edgy clothes for everyone! And this time, because our fingers are so burnt the last time round, we’re going to cut cost on everything; and I’ve got to say I learnt that web design does NOT costs $800 (without shopping cart no less)!!!!!
Can’t wait to roll out my new launch urgh this is so amazingly exciting!


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